World Santa Claus Congress

23rd - 26th of July 2018

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About World Santa Claus Congress


The World Santa Claus Congress has taken place in the amusement park “Dyrehavsbakken” (popular called “Bakken”) north of Copenhagen in Denmark since 1957. Every summer, Santas from around the world attend to WSCC to spread good Christmas cheer, have fun and socialize with their peers.

The World Santa Claus Congress at Bakken is both a professional forum and social meeting place for real Santas from all around the world. The Santas from around the world have the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences and to network. The World Santa Claus Congress also provides a chance to promote the Santa Clause trade and show how Christmas cheer is done in different parts of the world.


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23rd - 26th July 2018
Dyrehavsbakken, Klampenborg

About Dyrehavsbakken

The worlds oldest amusement park Dyrehavsbakken is located north of Copenhagen in Klampenborg. Dyrehavsbakken is hosting the World Santa Claus Congres.

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Dyrehavevej 62, 2930 Klamenborg

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+45 3996 2083